Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (03)

I missed my TTT post for last week not because I had nothing to be thankful for but for pure laziness’ sake! God truly has been gracious and I’m thankful for these things:

  • P’s back in town and I get to have him to myself for 4 whole weeks! This year is definitely a great one!

  • I had some issues with my tummy coupled with symptoms of malaria this past weekend but I’m well now. Good health is such a huge blessing!

  • All the 8 expectant mothers on my list are doing great! One of them really does look like she’s about to burst so it won’t be long till we celebrate!

  • P. is such a patient and considerate man. It’s a wonder how he puts up with ALL of my antics! I am thankful too for him.

  • My younger sister who’s had to miss several months of school due to a dreadful drug reaction was favored by having most requirements waived for her!

  • I’m grateful for my safe trips to and fro my examination center. I expect the best!

  • I’m excited about blogville and all the new friends I’ve met here. I’m grateful for this the opportunity it affords me to be creative and share my faith in the process.

  • My brother-in-law has been wanting for the past 2years to go do his Masters abroad and it’s been one issue after another but finally it’s all worked out and he leaves next week!

  • In addition to that, he bought my sister a new car! It’s indeed a pleasant surprise and an unexpected blessing!

  • Finally, like I always say, I’m truly grateful to be alive!
So tell us, what is that thing that gladdens your heart and for which you are grateful?


Olufunke said...

You encourage to be thankful always; to be thankful for every little thing
I'm looking forward to my ten things THANKFUL tuesday next week!

GOd would always keep you thankful dear!

Saved Girl said...

aww, i love this...i hope to remember to come back on next Tuesday to lay down my ten.

Good Naija Girl said...

I didn't manage to complete my thankful Thursday post on time, but I'm still going to put down those things that I give thanks to God for!

I'm glad you have been so blessed by God. Have a great weekend!

NoLimit said...

I posted a comment on yout blog yesterday!!!
guess it disappeared!
Your list is super duper cool!
I'm thanking God for you right this second!

Writefreak said...

Thank God for His all things we continue to give thanks and He has been good to you!

Adaeze said...

How great your brother in-law gets to go do his masters! You have many things to be thankful for and may it continue like that. Great idea to write down things to be thankful for, I see a lot of people are doing it and I'd like to do the same :-)

YNC said...

Wow you life is a testimony, God is so good. I am happy you are doing grea.t

Geebee said...

God is just too much. His faithfulness never cease to baffle me. He's done some great things for me again lately that I feel like blushing.
You've been tagged on my blog. Check it out.

Rita said...

God is wonderful...So many things to be thankful for

Geebee said...

I thank God for Valentine’s Day. It was awesome. I thank God for giving me a wonderful woman who happens to be the mother of the most beautiful daughter anyone could ever dream of and I thank God for life in its entirety

Uzezi said...

i am thankful you can see the Hands of God working in your life

Enkay said...

@ Olufunke - Thanks dearie. I see you did a great post yesterday. thank God for your life!

@ Saved Girl - I hope you do too!

@ GNG - I'm learning that it don't matter the day as long as you do remember to Thank Him!

@ NoLimit - Blogger sure does act funny
sometimes. thanks!

@ Writefreak - Yes he has! Thanks!

@ Adaeze - Yes o! He's arrived safely and I'm thankful for that too. Please feel free to adopt the "Thankful Series", it doesn't have to be on Tuesdays only.

@ YNC - yes I am dear. Thanks!

@ Geebee - So go ahead and blush! lol! As for the tag, I'll get round to it soon. Thank God for your lovely baby mama!Thanks!

@ Rita - Yas my dear. We can never thank him enough!

@ Uzezi - yes I can. I don't want to ever stop!