Monday, December 1, 2014

Seven Years and Counting!

Here's  a picture of the first day we met. I'm looking at it and laughing at how 'scrawny' you looked then. And yeah, I was still my good old elegant self, thank you very much!
That was 11 years ago.
The first day we met!
The last time I did a post on our anniversary, we'd only been married 2 years. Back then we were still basking in the freshness of our union. We still had sparkles in our eyes, blissfully oblivious of the steep curves that lay ahead of us.
So young and in love!
In this second picture, you had recently proposed to me and anyone who saw us could immediately tell we were in love. See how our eyes shone. We were so happy, so hopeful for a beautiful future together.

The day we made our vows...
Then came the day of the 'Big Leap'. 1st December, 2007.
I have our wedding song on repeat in my head even as I write this now - Luther Vandross' "Here and Now". Lovely song.
We made promises to each other on that day and God has helped us keep them so far.
The laughter on my face that day has not left my face, it has instead slipped into my heart and remained there ever since.