Monday, December 1, 2014

Seven Years and Counting!

Here's  a picture of the first day we met. I'm looking at it and laughing at how 'scrawny' you looked then. And yeah, I was still my good old elegant self, thank you very much!
That was 11 years ago.
The first day we met!
The last time I did a post on our anniversary, we'd only been married 2 years. Back then we were still basking in the freshness of our union. We still had sparkles in our eyes, blissfully oblivious of the steep curves that lay ahead of us.
So young and in love!
In this second picture, you had recently proposed to me and anyone who saw us could immediately tell we were in love. See how our eyes shone. We were so happy, so hopeful for a beautiful future together.

The day we made our vows...
Then came the day of the 'Big Leap'. 1st December, 2007.
I have our wedding song on repeat in my head even as I write this now - Luther Vandross' "Here and Now". Lovely song.
We made promises to each other on that day and God has helped us keep them so far.
The laughter on my face that day has not left my face, it has instead slipped into my heart and remained there ever since.

And here we are darling, Seven years after we said "I do". Seven is the scriptural number for completeness. We're stepping into our eight year, the number for new beginnings.
This year has been the most challenging and at the same time most fulfilling year for us. I would not have it another way.
Here we are 7 beautiful years after!
We have laughed hysterically, cried heart wrenchingly, loved intensely, argued passionately, conferred wisely, smiled knowingly, worked productively, explored God's wonderful world, explored each other's hearts and we can honestly say to each  "Babe, we still got it!"

What a blessing you are to me. What a husband! The sparkle from five years ago is still there only this time, it is enhanced by experience. The steep curves so far on this journey have been negotiated with the Holy Spirit at the wheel. Where there could have been fear, we have been filled with faith. We have confronted mountains and brought them low. Even now, we are treading on our high places!

I do not take it for granted what we both share. Ours has been a testament of God's faithfulness. We are marching on, growing still, learning more and making the most of our years together.

I celebrate you, I celebrate me, I celebrate us!

Here's to more fruitful and beautiful years together.

Happy Anniversary my Love!


Rita said...

Awwww...lovely. May your marriage continue to be like fresh wine and may God's love and presence never depart from your home. Amen. Bisous

jhazmyn said...

My best part..."it has instead slipped into my heart and remained there ever since". That just made me smile so hard.

Congrats darlyn, May God sweeten your marriage beyond your imagination, have what your heart desires dear, you both are awesome together.

Grace Nwangwu said... beautiful. May your new beginnings be everything you hope for and some more. Happy anniversary!

Eunice Yimi said...

I like d fact tat ur wedding song still rings in ur head *luvly song*.may the remaining yrs be sweeter than d beginning. HMA

Parakeet said...

Happy anniversary me dears. May your love continue to wax stronger. And thanks for stopping by my blog. xx

Toinlicious said...

Happy anniversary. This post made my heart smile. May God continue to bless you both

Jummy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and P, Enkay! This post was just beautiful and I pray that God will continue to do a mighty thing in your marriage and your lives.

Enkay said...

Thanks Rita. Amen to tour prayers!

Enkay said...

@ Jhazmyn - A smile in the heart will surely light up the entire body! Thanks a lot and Amen to your prayers.

Enkay said...

@ Grace - Hey lady! it's been a long time!Thanks for your kind words.

NoLimit said...

Aaaawwww this got me all "emosh"! Happy anniversary Enkay... may God continually bless your marriage with everything fab! Amen

Enkay said...

@ Parakeet, @ Toinlicious and @ Jummy - Veteran bloggers, lovely ladies. Thank you for your kind words!

sykik said...

Happy anniversary, I wish you many more years of love, peace and everything good your heart desires filled with marital bliss

Uzezi Ekere Adesite said...

Never too late to say congratulations. And Happy New Year.