Friday, March 16, 2012


I am lifting my face to the virtual wind and breathing deeply..... Hmmm-aaah! Do you hear that? It's that 'whoosh' sound you hear when the wind comes rushing into the room through an open window on a cool, windy evening.

After 2 years, I have once again against all odds come by this blog home of mine. The task was daunting 'cos there were thick swabs of cobwebs everywhere, the dust must have been at least 1mm thick and the smell, oh the smell! That musty and near-dank smell that permeates a room that has neither seen the light of day nor felt the benefits of ventilation.

Ah! But after a few hours of hard work, the open windows can finally let in the cool breeze and this blog can finally have a breath of fresh air! Hmmm. I am basking in it. The freshness and newness of it all. oh, you didn't notice I changed my template and tweaked a few things here and there? Alright, I forgive you. It's not like it's your fault anyway. I was the one who abandoned blogville.

That brings me round to the question, "Is Enkay back for good?". Er, that's a tough one to answer just yet.
But I am so loving the zingy feeling I have got from spending the last few days 'snooping' around blogville and finally getting the courage to open my good old blog-doors, rolling up my sleeves and digging into the work.

I had almost forgotten just how good it felt to be here.

Many, Many thanks to all my Blogfriends who came around to check on me - Olufunke, No Limit, BSNC, Aloted, Original Mgbeke, Rose, even Lady Guide sef!

Thanks for the love!

So let's see how it goes eh?


NoLimit said...

Welcome back!!! I sure did check on you!!:P
hopefully you're back for good!!! whoop whoop!

Enkay said...

Ah! NoLimit! That's true, you did check on me. Thank you, thank you.
Hmm, i hope it's for good too!

downtheaisle said...

wow!!! good to see u here...its being ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doll said...

happy new year

Fluffycutething said...

Look who's here *big grin*

Toinlicious said...

Welcome back!

Myne Whitman said...

Ahh...I'm liking this. Welcome back and the new look is very fresh!

Enkay said...

@Downtheaisle - Yes it has!
@Doll - Same to you dear.
@Fluffycutething - Smiling right back!
@Toinlicious - Thank you very much!
@Myne - Well yeah, it is fresh indeed! Thanks.

Olufunke said...

Welcome back dear!

I like the sound of 'Fresh'

....sure you get back your blogging mojo.

Looking forward to reading interesting posts here soon.


BSNC said...

when i saw enkay on my blog roll i couldn't believe it. I have missed you so so much. Welcome back!! i am so happy i could break dance, but i may break a bone or two lol. Welcome back dear.

Enkay said...

@Olufunke - Yeah, the mojo is back and I expect it to stay.

@BSNC - Thanks love. And no, I don't want you breaking any bones on account of me. Hehehe!

jhazmyn said...

I luv ur refreshing :)

Original Mgbeke said...

Welcome backkk! *cartwheels* :-D