Saturday, April 13, 2013

What Makes a Day Special?

It was my birthday yesterday.

In retrospect, it was in sharp contrast with that of last year when I had made grand plans of joining my husband in SA where he was to attend a conference.
Even though we'd sent in our visa applications around the same time, we had to send them in separately - the attendees to the conference had made a group application. Even at that, I was quite confident and so I booked a seat on the same flight as he.

A week to our travel date -
 10 days to my birthday, he got his passport back, visa granted. I waited and waited for mine but it didn't come. I cried as I dropped him off at the airport; there went all my birthday plans. The way I cried, you would think someone died.

It wasn't until a friend literally slapped me out of my daze: "so you haven't heard from the embassy and you won't go and find out why?" - that I gathered myself together. It really hadn't occurred to me that I could contact the Embassy directly. I had only besieged the NVS center and each time, I had received the same response, "Madam, when we get your passport, we will contact you".

It was a day to my birthday and I was determined to speak to someone at the Embassy. They had turned me back at the gate of the Embassy but I would not be deterred. I searched online and found several phone numbers but they were either wrong numbers or the Embassy people just weren't taking any calls that day.
Minute after minute, hour after hour, I dialled and redialled those numbers until it became mindless repetition. Suddenly after a very long time someone picked! I told the woman my story and without much ado, she said, "Check the NVS center tomorrow".
I thought I didn't hear her right but then she said it again.

My birthday went by rather fleetingly as I dashed from the NVS center where I went to pick up my passport, to the airport to have my ticket changed, back home to throw my stuff into a suitcase (I apparently didn't have much faith in the Embassy-woman's assurance or I'd have ghad my suitcase packed the night before) and back to the airport to catch my 9pm flight.

I spent my birthday night alone with an aircraft pillow and blanket for company but at least I was on my way to be with my prince.

This year was different. There was no rush. No grand plans. Just the decision to be at peace with myself and to do the thingss that make me happy.

And so, I set out to give myself a treat. I spent a good part of the day at the spa getting a massage, facials and all whatnot. And then there was the photo shoot at a friend's Studio. I laughed and laughed as he allowed me goof around while he just clicked away.

My day was wrapped up nicely as hubby and I sipped on Irish Cream in tall glasses, reminiscing.

So, my question again. What makes a day special?

For me, a day is as special as we decide it is. It's not so much what we do as how we feel about what we do.

Yesterday was very special not only because it was my birthday but also because in my heart I decided that no matter what happened I deserved to be happy and I carried that special feeling everywhere with me.

Everyday can be as special as we want it to be and birthdays are a good reason to feel special.

I am deeply grateful to God for another year and I re-dedicate my life to serve God and humanity.

So help me God.


Myne Whitman said...

Happy birthday in arrears, and I totally agree with your thoughts.

Toinlicious said...

Happy birthday in arrears & welcome back

Enkay said...

Thanks a lot Myne and Toin.

Fluffycutething said...

Awwwwwww look at that!

jhazmyn said...

"no matter what happened I deserved to be happy and I carried that special feeling everywhere with me"

If only I could walk through life, carrying this feeling daily....what bliss :).

I'm so glad u had a fun day and glad to see you back here. Hope its not spam o...u berra return

Good Naija Girl said...

Happy belated birthday, sure know how to write!

Wishing you all the best in this new year you've begun!

Enkay said...

@jhazmyn - Hahaha! It's not spam o!

@GNG - Thanks girl!

Onyxsta said...

awww happy belated birthday hun!! xx