Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (02)

It’s another beautiful week! I’m glad for yet another opportunity to give thanks. You can find my last thankful post here.

Below are some of the things I’m thankful for!

  • P. had to return to his base last week and I’m grateful for the safe trip.

  • Late last year P. applied for post graduate studies at a university close to his base. He did it at the last possible minute just when the admissions were going to close. He called me last week and announced excitedly that his name was on the admission list! Halleluiah!

  • I have a personal list and on it I have the names of the expectant mothers known to me – friends, colleagues, friend’s friends, relatives, relative’s friends etc. If I heard you were pregnant, I’d put your name on the list and pray for you everyday. (hmm...hmm...(clearing my throat) em... no, much as I would love to sound like I’m sooo benevolent, I haven’t always done this, In fact I only just started this 2 weeks ago! lol!) Anyways, I started with 7 names and last week, one of them gave birth successfully without any complications. Mother and baby are doing great! Awesome!

  • I’m grateful that just a few days ago; I have added 2 more names to that list!

  • On Sunday, I went out and parked at a place that says “No Parking”. It’s funny that I didn’t see the sign and I just left the car and walked away. I was in a shop when some ladies started talking about cars being towed away – cars that were parked on the street where I parked! I bolted out of the place much to the surprise of everyone, with a prayer on my lips and ran straight to where I’d parked and my car was still there!! I’m thankful that my car was spared. I’ll definitely be more observant and careful next time!

  • I mentioned last week that I was to take an exam. Well that exam is to take place in an entirely different city from where I stay and somehow, with the help of a friend, provision has been made for me to be accommodated comfortably. Thank God!

  • For the past year or so I’ve been telling myself to join a cell group in church. You see, after we got married, I had to start attending P’s branch of the church. It’s a lot larger than where I was used to and somehow I found myself lost in the crowd. But I knew I had to get more involved in church. That was one of my resolutions this year and this past Sunday, I finally did!

  • Two things happened yesterday for which I am grateful. I was to get a ride home in a colleague’s car and he intended to just stop by a filling station to top up his fuel in anticipation of the traffic ahead. The filling stations around were either packed full – obstructing traffic, or not even selling at all! We drove all over the place looking for fuel (no thanks to independent marketers who didn’t want to sell at the stipulated =N=65/litre). Anyways, we left Victoria Island and our search took us to Lagos Island. It was getting late and the story was the same there too! Cars were all lined up at the pumps but no one was selling! Should we risk heading to the 3rd mainland bridge with what little fuel we had? What if there was traffic and we got stranded? We parked the car somewhere and set out on foot to find fuel. A Good Samaritan offered to give us 4-litres from his car but the hose wouldn’t just get into the tank! Humph! We thanked the guy and left in search of a filling station that would sell us 4-litres at any price. We really had to be on our way. Thankfully, not too far away, we found one and after a little scuffle at the pump, we got fuel!! It was such a relief and we were finally able to set for home 2 hrs after we originally started the journey. Thank God!

  • After we poured in the fuel, my colleague whose car it was had to check something under the hood of the car. He’d already lifted the bonnet when the car started rolling backwards!! I yelped and screamed for the other colleague in the front seat to slam on the brakes. He did just in time to avoid collision with an oncoming car behind us. Phew! That was a close one and I’m grateful nothing happened! I got home that night and went straight to bed! Lol!

  • Today, just like always, I’m grateful to be alive!!

So tell me, what are you thankful for?


Beulah! said...

Hooray!!..finally u join a cell. that's d way to girl. Wow!, God is indeed faithful, sometimes u don't know how much God has done for you until u begin to count them one by one.

Nice one

Olufunke said...

Thank God for your life and that of P!
and happy for you that you have joined a cell.

May thanksgiving never cease in your home!


I am thankful for everything and even the imponderables!

Nice post!

First time here.