Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (05)

I've not forgotten to be thankful. I have just been too lazy to blog about them. I think thanksgiving is not just the act of listing out all the things that we are thankful for. I'm beginning to recognize it as a state of heart. I said heart and not mind because they are two different things entirely.

Our mind is where we have our thoughts and emotions and they are constantly being battered by external circumstances. Circumstances that make us feel there's not much to be grateful for.
Our hearts however are deeper. It's that part of us, our spirits, that's in touch with our heavenly Father. That part that still trusts him. That part that knows beyond all doubt that everything's going to be okay even in the midst of turbulent waters.

Can I get a witness?! Yeah!

So I'm thankful...

  • For the life that I have been given. I have been favored beyond measure.
  • For the successful hosting of our in-laws, friends and family at my sister's traditional wedding.
  • For the prompt intervention of medical personnel when my little sister found she had difficulty in breathing.
  • For the peaceful resolution of issues I had with my insurance company. Even though I'm paying more than I initially thought was due, they've helped me structure it in such a way that it's not too much of a burden.
  • For the safe delivery of my best friend's baby. It was swift and a lot easier than she'd anticipated!
  • For my new healthy eating and daily exercise habit. I intend to keep it up!
  • For P. who developed a really bad cough recently but who is getting better.
  • For God's word, it lights up my path in life and gives me hope when I can't seem to see the horizon.
  • For a new friend I just made on blogville. Thanks for the privilege!
  • For my mom. She's the greatest ever!!
What are you thankful for?


Saved Girl said...

YaY! I am thankful for:

1. being able to self-medicate my sickle cell pain at home and not have to run up my debt in hospital bills.

2. my job, I simply love it.

3. my humor, one of my best traits of my personality I think.

4. my transparency with myself and people, I truly am a open book.

5. Jesus loving me in spite of...

6. my family. they hold me down at all times without judgement.

7. my friends. my crew is tighter than any Mafia, LOL.

8. my blog. This outlet has really saved my sanity during my trying time of the dissolution of my marriage.

9. everyone's prayers.

10. people like you that not only realize Jesus' awesomeness, but feel the need to broadcast your thanks whenever you get a chance. He appreciates it, I know it.

poeticallytinted said...

Nice. I have been in a thankful mood myself all week. I am even thankful for the delicious sense of anticipation of good things to come. I am standing right in front of some doors that will lead to wonderful things the moment I push them open.

Good Naija Girl said...

Just lovely. I am thankful with you, for the blessings in your life. You're right too that thankfulness is a state of heart, and you can be thankful and never list it down. Taking the time to give God the glory and recognize all He is doing in your life is what is important.

Adaeze said...

Yeah :-) I am thankful for YOU Enkay.
You do have a lot to be thankful for yes - safe delivery of baby, traditional wedding of your sister, etc, etc. beautiful! I am happy for you.

Olufunke said...

Nice one
Thankful to God on your behalf!
and you are right that being thankful is a 'state of the heart' ........I'm checking my heart if I have been continually thankful.
Thanks for this!

joicee said...

You have so much to thankful for

I recently met up with a long lost friend ...and I thank God for the opportunity

Beulah! said...

ENkay, u are so right about the heart & the mind. Many times our hearts want to be thankful & shout praises to God but our mind always conflicts...thanx for this.

Which of ur sisters trad wedding abeg??.i guess im missing in action oh! I miss OJ.

I thank God for Loving me...I'm so grateful for such a blessing.

Rita said...

After reading ur post, I called my mom and had a 1 hour talk with her. I am so thankful for her.

Just as you are thankful for other people, that is the way you will celebrate yours and others will rejoice in ur accomplishments.

aloted said...

joining u in thanking God..

meanwhile cant remember if i told u ur attention is required on my blog..if i did then apologies!

hope u good?!

disguisedfeelings said...

thank God 4u. n I'm thankful 4all He has done 4me.

deola said...

Guess am thankful for my joblessness. Maybe that it better than sulking all day

Lolia said...

I'm thankful for all the opportunities I'm going to have to learn when I get to Washington on Sunday and I'm also thankful that God never abandons me and always takes care of things when I think there's no hope :)

I'm also thankful for all the things you're thankful for :)

kay9 said...

You know, i've almost forgotten how to be thankful. I have a job now, my own house, my ride is on its way - I've forgotten how i sweated to complete my school fees when popsie had problems, how i read with candle-light in FUTO to pass O.D.E II, how i trekked from CMS to Idowu-Taylor in V.I just to submit CVs (because i was too broke to afford the bus) - honest, i've almost forgotten all that.

But i guess it aint too late to say "thank you" to Him, is it? Thanks for reminding me, Enkay

What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

lol, very interesting. love it

Anonymous said...

hi Enkay...I totally love the songs on ur playlist...been listening to them all weekend n today...

Plus, I'm thankful for the gift of life and all that come with it...


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for so many things.....

Enkay said...

@ Saved girl - Wow! what a list! Didn't know you had sickle cell. Thank God it's under control.

@ Poeticalytinted - Those doors will hold for you better things than you even anticipated!

@ GNG - Yes dear it is. We just need to remember.

@ Adaeze - Thank YOU!

@ Olufunke - Yes o! That 'heart-checking' excercise should always be a constant for me.

@ Joicee - Thank God for friends, especially long-lost-but-found ones!

@ Beulah - You should come around OJ more often! it's my sista that was in school with us.

Enkay said...

@ Rita - Amen to that! Moms are the best!

@ aloted - Yes o! I've been to your blog and I'm
already preparing my "E" thankful post for next
week. It'll be fun!

@ Disguised feelings - And he will continue to do

@ Deola - Keep that thankfulness still, that job
will come!

@ lolia - How was the Washington trip? Gos is truly faithful.

@ Kay9 - You went to FUTO? Hmmm, interesting. Thanksgiving is never too late!

@ WNWDW - Thanks!

@ Justdoyin - Thanks! I love the songs myself too.

@ Oyin - You can start by listing them...

Anonymous said...

1st time here....and I can feel your joy and happiness. So I am thankful I made it to your blog today and I hope to be a regular.

God bless.

Enkay said...

@ babajidesalu - Thanks for stopping by. I hope you become a regular too!

Writefreak said...

Sister sister, i hope you're ok...just checking! Take care

Writefreak said...
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