Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thankful Post -The 'E' Edition

Seems like everyone's getting their various Thankful Editions out. Thanks to Aloted, I finally get to do my 'E' Thankful post.

There's the comfort of knowing that my whole life is Encapsulated by God's love. His presence in my life gives me the feeling of being wrapped around by a warm blanket on a really cold night.

With His word, I find my self Established daily in my walk of faith. I realize that this is not a once-and-for-all thing but a daily decision to submit to His will.

Sometimes I wish I were more 'perfect' than I currently am and I'm working on it but I'm still grateful for the joy of the Lord in my heart. To put it simply, it Enlivens me!
That joy makes me feel like I have been Entrusted with a very special gift. Hmmm, what can I compare this to? Okay, it's like a lamp that's been lit in my heart and it's my responsibility to ensure it never goes out. The joy in my spirit is the fuel that keeps that lamp burning. It's not always easy as tough times threaten to put out that light. I am grateful for the grace I have received time and time again to Endure.

Endurance over time has helped to strengthen my character and sense of self-worth. It has given me the Enablement to persevere and come out stronger on the other side. It's amazing the beauty that shines out of our lives after we have been well polished by adversity.

,There's an even greater beauty when we share our lives with that special someone. I have been blessed with a man who has me Enamored with his love. To put it like Adaeze has, there's no sugarcoating this. Sometimes our lives are reduced to mere routines yet in the midst of it, we are able to find time to pause and ask "hey babe, how are you?". In the midst of the routine that is sometimes life, we are able to take pleasure in hearing each other's voice or simply Enjoy each other's company.

For all these and more, I am Eternally grateful!!

PS: Phew! That wasn't so bad was it? lol!!


Rose said...

Hmmmnn...Really indepth Thankful post..You raised points we tend to overlook,or sometimes take for granted....
How have you been??

My World said...

This is really the "E" edition!!!

Writefreak said...

Simply beautiful! I am eternally grateful to God!

BSNC said...

lol it wasn't bad at all. it was nice

Adaeze said...

Wonderful thankful post! You are so good at being thankful as well, I feel I learn something every time I read your thankful posts.

blogoratti said...

Thanks for sharing that,it was a great read!

QMoney said...

this is nice oh,i cant even dare to do a post starting with Q
i thank for quintessial........

aloted said...

awww this was toooooooooooooo much!! loved it loved it loved it!

thanks for doing this..

aloted said...

Adaeze if u r reading this, i cant seem to comment on ur blog o..dunno why...will try again later..

Beulah! said...

Beautiful!...well written. I was "E"nergised by reading it....lol

justdoyin said...

Not bad at all...it was beautiful...I'm Eternally grateful to God as well...have a lovely weekend Enkay...

kay9 said...

"E"xquisite. :)

poeticallytinted said...

You are Extremely Enterprising and I find that quite Endearing. lol. :)

Omo Oba said...

i love the last paragraph, may u continue to be established in His grace.

Enkay said...

@ Rose -I've been good dear. You?

@ My world - Yes o!

@ Writefreak - Thanks! May your gratitude never cease.

@ BSNC - Thanks dear. Glad you are back!

@ Adaeze - Wowo! That's nice to know. thanks!

Enkay said...

@ Adaeze - I meant Wow! hehehe!

@ Blogoratti - You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

@ Qmoney - Hehehehe! What about 'Quick' Blessings? lol!

@ Aloted - Well thanks for thinking it up in the first place!

@ Beulah - Hehehe! I missed out that word!
You really should update girl!

Enkay said...

@ Just Doyin - Thanks dear! happy New Month!

@ K9 - Hmmmm.....Thanks!

@ Poeticallytinted - Now those are some words I could have added. Thanks!

@ Omo Oba - Amen!

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